Sunday, August 16, 2015

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is an idiot, first class. Watch these short video clips and then read on.

Not too truthful about the facts you offer or how you interpret them, are you Mr. Beck? BTW...yes, freedom is a fundamental principle. Life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness are fundamental. No one is taking or has taken these rights from you, Mr. Beck, or from anyone who believes in or holds the same faith that you do for that matter. Yes, the First Amendment does say that congress shall pass no law in respect to a religious establishment and shall not infringe upon the free exercise thereof. Unfortunately, for whatever reason you are confusing this amendment with the spiritually elitist idea that just because people believe in God and follow the Bible that they should be the ones to formulate all the rules, rules that not only infringe upon the rights of your fellow Americans, but rules that are heavily exclusionary towards those who do not believe the same as you do and who do not live as you do. The changing laws of this country are not against you or your faith. What the laws are reinforcing is the notion that we are all equal with one doesn't matter if you are an Atheist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Fundamentalist, Episcopalian, Satanist, Pagan, Catholic...the list goes on forever, right? No one is taking your faith, Mr. Beck. No one is taking your Bible. No one is taking your church or your freedom/right to worship the deity of your choice. No one is asking you to marry two men, two women, or even suggesting that you should approve of such lifestyles, and in regards to this particular statement your faith does not entitle you to treat those whom you do not like or approve of in any manner you wish. Am I getting through here? Not likely. I suppose I should dumb it down a little for you. Your faith (religiously/spiritually speaking), your God, your Savior, or your holy book cannot and should not be used as a shield while you denigrate individuals or groups that believe or live differently than you do. THAT is why the laws are being changed. Are you familiar with the line from the Declaration of Independence that says that to secure these rights governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed? This is something that is always used in efforts to derail gay rights, because you get people crawling out of the woodwork proclaiming that these laws were passed in total disregard of the lack of consent within the gay rights issue. Many people didn't vote FOR it but AGAINST it, right? Sooo...if people didn't allow for a gay rights bill to pass how the hell did the government make it happen anyway? Isn't that against the basic principles of this country? Is the government blatantly trampling the rights of the straights and religious in this country? No. Don't you know, Mr. Beck, that if the application of a law is exclusionary towards the rights of groups/individuals that the government, going through the proper channels of course, may reassess the situation and the law involved and may choose to strike it down on the grounds that FUNDAMENTAL rights are being denied. Don't forget the phrase "pursuit of happiness." This is where many, not all believers mistakenly think/believe that their own pursuit of happiness is of more value than the rights and pursuits of happiness of other individuals or groups who do not believe and practice in the same manner. For many believers included in their packaged deal to devote themselves to God or Jesus or whatever, included is the right to subjugate others. That is why laws were changed. It had dick to do with your religion and everything to do with following the true spirit and expression and intent and interpretation of our founding documents as they were meant to be. The government saw that there was a problem, a biggie, so to speak. Citizens of this country were being denied rights. When these same individuals tried fighting for their rights there were many people spouting out that God intended marriage to be between a man and a woman, that homosexuality was an abomination because God said so, and yada-yada, plucka-plucka. Remember, Mr. Beck, the government may not pass legislation in regard to any religion. There can be no favoritism of ANY kind. It doesn't matter what you think your God or any god for that matter is telling you. So, trying to defend the notion that gays and lesbians somehow may be justifiably denied rights based on your tenement faith and based on the even more deplorable interpretation of your Bible and what you think God wants, is moot. In addition, just because you think this country was founded on the Bible (one of the WORST lies ever in United States history), and just because your chosen deity supposedly refutes and condemns homosexuality, all of that is most certainly NOT your free ticket to treat people in any manner that you wish. Neither does it give you or anyone for that matter the allowance and right to treat the rights of those individuals you do not agree with and who live differently than you as somehow less valuable than yours. You have your head so far up your ass, Mr. Beck, you need a timeout. Go stand in the corner.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Say what you want so long as you are speaking for God?

It is utterly amazing the mountain of bullshit that some people are ready and willing to spew forth in the process of claiming to be speaking for God. 

Don't let prison salvation happen to you. If you know anyone currently in prison immediately contact them and tell them to stay away from the 'Good Book'. Of course, this is an example of religion gone really REALLY wrong, and not all believers are like this; thank God for small favors, right? Here is a fine example of of a person using their faith to perpetuate their prejudice. Sooo...interracial marriage is a defiance of God's law? I think it is very interesting how some believers really go the distance to pick and choose which of God's laws they should or should not follow. If God's word is true why don't they follow them all?

What the hell happened to the message of love and prosperity and happiness and giving? Matthew 19:21, Luke 18:22, Mark 10:21, Proverbs 28:27, Luke 14:13, Luke 11:41 are just a few verses that discuss giving to the poor. Does this man know this? Does he know that Mark 14:7 says the poor will always be with you?

Ahhh, Cindy Jacobs. You gotta YouTube this woman and watch a couple of her videos to get a real, true feel for her spiritual and mental apoplexy.

Apparently, God has it out for the state of Maryland. Why is this woman screaming while she is giving her supposed message? Is the screaming supposed to make her more credible that she is speaking for God?

Here we find out that God has anointed the state of Alabama for the purpose of reversing the liberal judicial decisions in these here United States of America. And why has our judicial system made such liberal decisions in the first place? It turns out that good 'ole Satan contaminated the justice system as part of a dastardly scheme to foil the plans of God Almighty.

Jesus Christ! I am so freaking tired of hearing about some grand poo-bah judgment on America. Just shut the hell up...please. Our problems as a nation and a people have nothing to do with some divine being meeting out punishment. We have problems because we are human and need to work harder at finding solutions to the problems. It has absolutely DICK to do with God or Jesus or Satan or anything even remotely similar to such hogwash.

The hateful rhetoric that consistently flows forth from John Hagee's mouth is a fine example of why many people are so anti-religion. Does Hagee know that if he wants to convert more people to Christ that this kind of behavior and speaking is not conducive to adding to the flock of Jesus?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Yay!! Pat Robertson strikes AGAIN! Boo-YAH!!

Pat Robertson is a whole bunch of bricks short of the full chimney. But, hey, on the good side he does consistently offer up to the world and all of humanity a hearty flow of religious bullshit that is sure to tickle your funny bone and bring a full smile to your face. Thank GOD Pat never made it very far in politics.

Here, Pat Robertson suggests his theory of what could have happened to a plane...and then he adds...well, just watch it. He gets totally random and it is hilarious.

Awww...Pat reminisces the good old times in the Bible where gays could be stoned. He sounds genuinely sorry that times have changed so very much.

Pat LIES about Muslim politicians in this country, and for a little extra umph to his nonsensical ramblings he adds that the American ideal of separation of church and state have gone way out of bounds. Way out of bounds? You mean way out of the boundaries that some Christians would set?

Some of the lies that fly from Pat's mouth are so very out-of-this-world stupid that you have to wonder how it is that so many people lend this fellow any credibility whatsoever. A DEAD person brought back to life by prayer? Promising people their dead children may be restored to them? I think somebody spiked his apple juice. That, or Pat is smoking schwag.

Here, Pat outdoes himself by making a statement so dumbfounding you are left thinking if what you just heard was really what was said. How in the fuckey-doo this cretin correlates Atheism with rape is beyond all sense, common or otherwise.

How very sweet. Pat defends the murderous actions of God. And don't you just love his assertion that bad, terrible people procreate and produce more bad people? There are plenty of bad people in this world who came from good parents. Likewise, there are plenty of good people who came from bad parents. Do you think Pat knows this? Does he have the capacity to understand this?

Here, Dr. Pat Robertson asserts that the cause of a woman's reoccurring cancer is the animosity between the woman and her father.

Pat relays what God told him would happen in 2014. Notice how generalized his statements are.

Sooo...scientific studies on global warming are really part of a huge hoax to make billions of dollars? Say what?

Wow. Pat says there ARE some things that you should keep from your spouse. Been with a transsexual? Pat says to keep your mouth shut. Hah!!

Whew! Good thing we have Pat to tell us that nudity is not wrong.

Pat totally bags on Creationism. Maybe there is hope for him after all.

Sooo...watching scary movies can open a person up to being inundated/possessed by demons?

Astronomer Pat Robertson shares with the world that an asteroid hitting the earth would fulfill prophecies made by Jesus Christ. Oh, and he wrote a book about it.

Holy shit. Holy holy shit.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nostradamus and Christianity and a Convergence of Prophecy: Part II

Always on the Edge of Their Seats

Did Nostradamus have visions and hear voices? Who cares, right? Lots of people have visions and hear voices...and many of them are mentally unstable or flat out have severe psychological disorders. 

Oh, look! More predictions. Do you think this is because all of the predictions of the past that the world was going to end in 2011, 2012, and 2013 didn't work out?

If you really want to learn prophecy the best approach to take is to learn how to lie. Lie out of your ass. Lie as big as you can and as ridiculously as you can and maybe, just maybe, some poor sap or group of poor religious saps will believe you.

Did God send Nostradamus? Rrriiiiggghhhttt.

Hahaha!! Oh my dear lord! Somebody is smoking loads of crack! Listen to what this woman says...really try to listen to the entire message because it is a hoot. Who is our real father, brothers and sisters? Hah! This lady must have been a door bell in her past life because she is a total ding dong.

More people on crack.

Ahhh...isn't this nice? What do you get when you mix Christianity and Nostradamus? Crack.

Adam welcomes people into hell? I am not sure what to say about that. Interesting. What is with the wheel? Why not use a pentagram or obelisk or even a rhomboid? Hhahaaaa!!! Good stuff. There are alien ships all over the place? The New Jerusalem is made out of massive pillars and pearls twelve feet wide that are brought down by spaceships? Say what?

Wow. People can't seem to agree on much when it comes to the Bible, God, and Nostradamus. What does God have for us to know? I would say not much since so many people who claim to have that direct line to God all have something different to say. Maybe God is doing His Tower of Babel thing again and totally confusing the fuck out of people, hummm?

This is cherry. Nostradamus was a born-again Christian infused and filled with the Holy Spirit? You have got to be kidding me.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Claims by Preachers

Try the newest book Turkey Broth for the Spirit: Just a Few Questions that presents questions concerning the Pentateuch of Moses and the absurd cruelty of God that can be found everywhere in the first five books of the Holy Bible:

What have they been up to?

Let us take a look at what some of our old proselytizing pals have been up to, shall we?

Oh dear me...Cindy Jacobs. This lady is a hoot. She sits here and gives the most generalized 'prophecy' ever and then I suppose expects to be seen as having been enlightened by God? Shit, I have read better predictions from the daily Yahoo horoscopes. It's either going to be real bad or real good? WTF? That isn't prophecy, you ninny. That is a common goddamn sense observation. Every day that you wake up...every day that anyone wakes up, we know it is either gonna be good or bad. There is no mystery to that whatsoever and it is NOT goddamn prophecy. Geeze, woman.

This is hilarious! I like the little computer animated cartoon of Jacobs being dangled over a stage. The people who made this video seem to be just as bad as Jacobs, right? I mean, what are these people doing? Fighting over the people who follow God? Are they worried who the parishioners are going to give their money to?

Here, Pastor John Hagee would have you believe that the headlines of a newspaper that read "New World View In Washington" actually translate to "New World Order In Washington." Are you surprised that any God-fearing individual would go the length of twisting the words of another in an effort to get their message across to people? Also, in this clip Hagee says that the first version of the New World Order appears in Genesis 10 where Nimrod proposes to build the Tower of Babel. BUT this is not true. Sure, Nimrod does found Shinar, but he NEVER proposes building the Tower of Babel in chapter 10 (where it is not even mentioned by name) or in chapter 11 (where the Tower of Babel IS mentioned by name). And where in the hell is Hagee getting his information that the Tower of Babel was covered with signs and symbols of the occult and astrological symbols? What is the purpose of this bullshit? It doesn't sound scary. It sounds stupid.

Hagee wants you to believe that Atheism is a theological idea...that Atheists HATE God. Now I ask in the fuckey-doo can an Atheist hate a God they hold does not exist?

You KNOW I had to put in something that showcased Benny Hinn, right? This guy is freaking hilarious, thus it would be a sin to leave him out.

Holy shit!!! You GOTTA love Pastor Joel Osteen for his apparent innocence and ignorance in submitting a tweet that was later taken down. Oh mercy! This is a good one!!

I dare you to watch this and NOT laugh your ass off!! Hah! I had to keep stopping the freaking video because I was laughing so hard. Does Rexella Van Impe (apparently named after a pharmacy...maybe) always sound like she has either been smoking a doobie or has popped a couple of Valium with a side serving of Xanax? I laughed till I cried!!

Sooo...Kenneth Copeland has a cure for PTSD? Has he been holding out on all of the suffering soldiers all of these years? So the soldiers do not need medication or psychology? What?

This video is not recent but I wanted to include it because this woman is absolutely bonkers-nutso...big time. She really needs to bring it down a notch, stop smoking the crack and drinking Drain-o...SOMETHING.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Nostradamus and Christianity and a Convergence of Prophecies: Part I

Try the newest book Turkey Broth for the Spirit: Just a Few Questions

Read the newest Ester Lighthorse e-book:

The Old Seer and the Rugged Cross

Due to the IMMENSE number of videos in regards to Nostradamus and Christian prophecies about things that SEEM to converge, especially in regards to the supposed end of everything, this will all be broken down into a series of postings and this is Part I. Enjoy.
Many people around the world find the predictions in the Holy Bible irresistible to study. Many people around the world also feel the same way about that seer of seers, Nostradamus. So, what happens when you allow these two to mix? Simply put...STUNNING ENTERTAINMENT.

Whenever there is a major natural disaster, epidemic, market crash, terrible act of terrorism, or any other number of dark and unhappy events/situations occurring, in addition to watching the world news reports many people sit in front of the television with their Bible in their lap. The Bible is likely to have the company of a laptop which aids the television viewer to cross reference prognostications, prophets, world events, and Bible verses at light speed.

This IS rather interesting, isn't it? Is Christianity (or at least people within Christianity) open to what the famed Nostradamus supposedly spied with his precognitive eye? And, how did the old seer view the prophecy of the Bible? Well, let's take a look. This is going to be good!

So, Christianity and Islam will rage against each other? THAT is your vision? Islam and Christendom in conflict? Appropriating the spirit of prophecy? No shit, Sherlock. That is nothing new, not even during your time.

Well YES problems and persecutions of the Christian Church were going to multiply greatly! Sheeze! What ELSE did you think was going to happen when you invent a religion that says you are right and everyone else is wrong? DUH! And what is this, "...the likes of which have never been seen," bullshit? Of COURSE the likes of it have been seen...every damn time someone or some freaking group invents anything that they claim is the ONLY truth and then in addition to that the group goes out and creates an army, gathers weapons, and starts wars.

This next video is a real hoot. Uhmmm...hate to burst your little bubble there, oh ye of Christianity, but the Christian persecution has been here for a long time now. Not ALL Christians...but plenty enough of them...have been persecuting the non-believing element of this country for a long time now whether it be by trying to tell people what their kids should learn in school about science (because remember GOD poofed everything in existence in just a mere six days, or six thousand years if you go by 2 Peter 3:8), trying to tell people who they can and can't marry (I am a woman; if I choose to marry another woman that is no ones decision but mine and the woman I choose to marry), trying to tell people there is ONE WAY to believe when it comes to divine beings AND if you do not believe in this manner you are going to hell, trying to manipulate legislation that favors supposed 'God-Fearing' folk and shits all over those who do not care for divine fairytales, or any other screwy plan of the religiously deluded the Christian persecution has been here a long time.

Now that people are getting better and better at fighting this bullshit religious control crap those Christians (remember, I did say not all Christians are like this) who are used to having control are getting scared and nervous and pissed as they feel their control slipping away. They have NOTHING in response except to claim they are being persecuted. This is far worse than the pot calling the kettle black because some of these people are so desperate to prove their God and their faith they absolutely will do anything, and this is very bad for everyone else on planet Earth to include the non-violent Christians.

 Oh LORD! Here is some interesting prophecy about Christianity, Obama in his second term, and some grand plan of God that many people would be 'asleep' when this shit goes down. But wait! God plans to wake His people up just at the right moment so they will be able o tell who the so-called End Time Babylonians are. Yeah, I know. Seriously flippin' stupid. You have people who claim that Obama is the Antichrist and you have people who make absurd prognostications such as this. Don't they see their claims don't match? The Antichrist is a very POPULAR fellow with HUGE political pull who gets shit done that people have previously been unable to do. These people can't even get their own prophecies right.

Links of convergence? WHO makes this stuff up? Don't they have someone they pass this stuff by? Someone who could point out how stupid what they are saying sounds, you know, maybe someone who could help them to come up with something a least a little better?

Oh my word. What the HELL is wrong with people? Don't they pay attention to their own goddamn prophecies that supposedly come from the Bible? Obama is NOT the goddamn Antichrist, he CAN'T be the Antichrist namely because he has no power, ya big dummies. The Antichrist will be mega powerful, be able to get things done...a REAL mover and a shaker according to the Christian Bible. This simply is not Obama, who has more enemies opposing him in government at every turn than hateful Christians who WANT him to be the Antichrist care to admit. And what they hell are they talking about removing the so-called Antichrist from government? Don't they know when THAT is supposed to happen things supposedly get really, really bad? F**king idiots, I swear.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Three Cheers for Not Giving a Damn

Try the newest book Turkey Broth for the Spirit: Just a Few Questions which contains many questions directly related to this blog in particular of God's treatment of His people The book may be found here:

With a God like Him, who needs enemies?

Look, God does not care. God does not care about you, your family, your community, your nation, your culture, or even this planet. Since God does not care about such things it follows out of necessity that God would also give a frog's fat tush about offering any kind of protection to anyone, regardless of whether or not such an individual believes in God to begin with.

Life is what it is, right? We are conceived, born, live a bit, and then die. Everyone dies eventually. Everyone. This fact along with the reality of people who die far too early in their lives, children being murdered, people starving people, people blowing each other up, babies born with severe maladies and deformities, and so on and so forth, such things are great indicators that some great, invisible, all-powerful divine entity (assuming there is such an entity) gives a good goddamn about anyone or anything. Come to think of it, maybe God's give a damn is busted...just like in that song by Jodee Messina where she more or less says that she would like to give a damn but her give-a-damn is busted.

I suppose one of the biggest issues I have with the ridiculous Christian assertion that God cares for and protects Man are some of the verses in the Bible itself, terrible verses of God commanding genocide, allowing rape and incest, commanding burglary, and time after time and again exhibiting an extreme disregard and disrespect for human life. God is a horrible being in every way imaginable, especially when it comes to rendering punishment which more often than not punishes EVERYONE and not just the individual who does something displeasing to God.

Let's take a peek at some videos, shall we?

Who could have ever guessed that God gives so much consideration to politics and policy? A bigger question is why would God remove protection from people who are not even the ones who are FOR abortion? What is the deal with punishing everyone? Why would this great and all-powerful divine being who cares so very much for all of humanity and this nation punish the entire nation by removing His protection? Not all of the freaking people here agree with abortion, so why should their protection be removed? Why would they have to pay for someone else's terrible deed or someone else's disobedience toward God??

This guy is right. Why would some kids be protected by God and some not be protected?

Well, this would be a great way to prove God exists, right? I mean, if you believe in Him then according to His word you can drink poison and pick up snakes and He will rescue/be with you, correct? So DO IT, oh ye believers. Do it. Drink some arsenic or hollyhock or pick up a viper or rattlesnake. You could prove God with one swoop. But the catch is that ALL who drink the poison and pick up the snakes have to be saved. There can be none of this God saving these five or six or seven people and letting another five or six people die from the snake's venom or of the arsenic sandwich they ingested.

What have we here but some fine examples of God being protective of His believers/people. NICE.

Ohhhh yeahhhh. We are here in this mega gargantuan universe where for some reason or other a great God cares specifically for humankind...screw all other planets and whatever life may be upon them.

I like this video because, simply put, it is beautiful. Just...beautiful. Yet, God (at least the God of religion) has dick to do with anything pertaining to this beauty. Beauty exists outside of religion. In fact, I would say that in many cases religion has worked purposely and feverishly to destroy many of the things and people around us that are beautiful. "God doesn't make mistakes" sounds nice, but in reality it is nothing more than the staunchly religious trying to explain away the idea that if God was so ever loving perfect babies would not be born with Down's. It is just another way to explain away the utter imperfection and incompetence of God Almighty.

This is excellent!

Sooooo...when people don't get into trouble for the bad things they do it is simply God being gracious? Huh. Interesting. I would have thought it had nothing to do with grace and everything to do with having an imbalanced nature and process of dealing with the consequences of actions that are frowned upon either by God or men. Well, that or God does not give a damn.

Oh no no no. No. You cannot try to answer this question by trying to say there is a difference between God before He became Jesus and the God of the New Testament. Ooohhhhhhh no! Your own damn Bible says God is the same today as He was yesterday and evermore. Your own Bible says God is unchanging and has always existed. Remember in Genesis when God creates Man, God says, "Let US make man in our image and after our likeness." Thus are the holes poked into your answer. All of the expressions of God always existed and so the idea that the so-called incarnation of God to Man through Jesus Christ is what changed things up just will not wash.

Oh dear lord! This guy is hilarious!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wild Bill for America?

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Wild Bill for Himself

So, I am cruising the Internet for video clips to post on my blogs and I come across this ultra-conservative, white, obviously Christian asshole who calls himself "Wild Bill." Apparently, Wild Bill thinks he has the answers as to why America has the problems that it has, and what America should do to make the problems go away. Sporting a ten-gallon cowboy hat, this man smugly offers his ridiculous, unwanted, dangerous advice. Assholes like this mo-fo are excellent examples of why religion has no place in government.

Here in this video we have Senor Wild Bill lamenting that individuals of low moral character have inundated the American Government, namely the White House and Congress. I think it is hilarious that every time conservative Christians find their grip on American politics loosening even more than it already has the first thing many of them do is rush to the nearest media outlet (newspapers, radio programs, Internet, etc.) and proclaim that not only are the changing laws and rules and regulations a sign of America's ever-decaying morality, but the bad things and the terrible problems that this nation is facing is actually a punishment direct from God. Basically, these nuts are saying that God is saying, "Fine. You won't do  what I want you to do so now I am going to fuck you up." Great God you got there, pal. Keep Him all to yourself.

You know what, Wild Bill? I bet the young voters of America would appreciate you calling them the "dumb kid vote" about as much you would appreciate being called the "dumb white Christian cracker vote."

Listen here, Dickhead, your equating of asking for permission to assemble in protest with applying for a permit is incorrect. No one is saying that the people cannot gather in protest, you putz. America was built largely on protest and the right to assembly. Yet you seem to forget, oh brainless one, that it all began in the times of freaking horses and buggies. There were no vehicles zipping to and fro, there were no traffic flow problems to address, there were no real considerations given to how many people should or should not be in a given area in order to be safe from fire hazards, there were no fears of being attacked by terrorists with explosive devices and all that happy horseshit.

But nooooooo. You want to go and try to make some kind of grand conspiracy out of it simply because it suits your purpose of drawing attention to your bullshit cause. Assembly is great. People coming together to protest valid issues is great. BUT, we still have to do so safely. The permits are not given based on what the people are protesting, you moron. The permits are given based on place, time, number of people and how all of that affects situations of liability and danger.

Uh, hate to tell you buddy, but your logic here is severely flawed. You make it sound like every criminal running free in America is loaded down with an arsenal of war that is used to attack and abuse the American Public in its entirety. Again, you have displayed the common conservative Christian behavior of misusing facts and misstating facts in an effort to prove your point. FAIL.

YOU are America's leading liberalogist? That isn't even a freaking word, you Nimrod. Oh, and your comment about liberals never winning anything for valor...or something to that straight-up stupidity and you know it. But see, shitheads like you enjoy saying crap like that because you know that somewhere along the line there is going to be someone to get pissed off enough with your lies to turn around and give you a piece of their mind. Then when they do this you gleefully point at them and announce that their show of anger is a clear indicator of them being wrong and you being right. 

Haaha!!!Hhaha!! Just another fat, white prick thinking that his race and his religion make him and his nonsense conspiracy claims better than everyone else. Don't lose that confidence.

Well. Well, well, well. What have we here but MORE of Wild Bill purposely misinterpreting and misstating various statistics in an effort to win people over to his uber-right conservative ways. What a demented asshole. Hah! Listening to this nitwit you would think that America has fallen apart like a maximum security prison during a severe inmate riot. Do you think that Mr. Wild Bill here knows that it is very easy to check up on the bullshit he claims?

Wild Bill, don't even try to make it out like any of your white ancestors suffered nearly as much as minority races. Were there white slaves? Oh, yes. That is a fact that is not difficult to prove. In their cases most of them ended up in indentured servitude. While their treatment was quite loathsome it still did not compare to what the blacks, Mexicans, and Native Americans suffered. So, don't even go there, mother fucker. Don't even. Not to mention, the fact that white minorities suffered does not in any way reduce the suffering of the other minorities.

Wild Bill forgot to mention how Christianity can be very dangerous to America. How so? Well, unfortunately you have some Christians out there who try very hard to convince as many people as possible that this country is going down the tubes due to falling away from the Bible and authority of God or some similar bullshit, and that Christians need to "take America back" in order to survive. It really does not matter what religion it is or what political party it is, because so long as the information provided is being used to trick people into fighting there is a problem.

Ahh, more 'scary' disinformation from our pal Wild Bill.

Manhood comes from God? Do you think Isaac thought so when he was about to be sacrificed by his father on God's command? Do you think Job thought so when God allowed everything to be taken from him? Do you think the women of the Bible who were raped thought so? Do you think the people who are treated terribly within religion think so? You make it sound like Christianity is such a PEACEFUL religion. Huh. Nothing could be further from the truth. Why don't you ask your friendly neighborhood Native American? Oh wait, there are probably no more left where you are from, right?

Wow. This guy is SO full of shit. Dude, you can't scare people into believing like you with your dumbass stories of your pretend God sending people to a pretend hell for not believing in a pretend God who you believe gives you so much power and authority. You do realize that since your God is pretend that the power and authority you THINK you have is also pretend, you see that, right?

Oh geeze. This is a bold lie. Not very hard to disprove, either. Hey Bill, you DID read the constitution where it says that no religion shall be established, right? People like you might THINK the USA is a Christian nation but that does not make it so. And what you are trying to offer as proof is NOT proof but rather is a severe distortion of fact, something Christians like you are very familiar with.

This guy is a member of the Delusional Christians of America Club where the members mistakenly think that this nation was founded by Christians (and God) FOR Christians (and for God).

This man is psychotic. Does he really believe what he is saying? Seriously, do you really think he believes everything he is saying? Does he realize what he is saying can absolutely be proven false within just a few clicks of the mouse and an Internet search?

Tell you what, Bill, let us say we agree to your proposal so long as we can also post in classrooms the truth about Christianity and its violent temperament  That would be fair. Make sure the absolute truth about the Crusades and everything that happened to the victims of such Crusades are there for all to see. Oh, and include what the Christians did to the Native Americans. Oh, and to the Africans in some places. Oh, and the Mexicans. Oh, and anyone who thinks or believes differently. we want to make sure the kids make an informed choice, so make sure ALL of that information is there for them to see.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Preaching the Ridiculous Ideas of the Bible

The newest book Turkey Broth for the Spirit: Just a Few Questions presents questions directed at the Pentateuch of Moses.

Read Ester Lighthorse's newest book!

Critical Thinking Demands Honest Review of Religion

Are all of the ideas and edicts and stories and similes and metaphors of the Bible wrong? Is there anything of value to be found within the Bible itself (I do not mean Christianity but the Bible itself)? Are there ridiculous claims, statements, and rules in the Bible that are either harmful or make no sense?

No, not all of what can be found in the Bible is wrong. But before any Christian reading this begins to toot their little horn of religion and hold my statement up as an admission of the Bible's truth, let me make it clear that there is plenty that is wrong and totally fucked up in the Bible. Yes, there are good things in the Bible. Yes, there are many ridiculous statements and claims uttered in the Bible.

Now, I have plenty of blogs discussing the stupidity of religion. What I am talking about is taking a short moment to discuss some good things that are found in the Bible. Here are a few verses:

A verse that immediately pops into mind is I Corinthians 13:4, "Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant."

Song of Solomon 8:7 says, "Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot sweep it away. If one were to give all the wealth of one's house for love, it would be utterly scorned."

Proverbs 15:13 says, "A merry heart is just like medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones."

James 3:18 says, "Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness."

Are there other examples of good things to be found in the Bible? Oh yes. There is no need to list them all here, and the purpose for citing a few verses is to establish that the Bible DOES have SOME good things in it.

Now, I have conversed with many people who try very hard to use the good things in the Bible to validate the stupid or bad crap in the Bible. The most commonly posed question to me is, if I admit that what the Bible has to say about Love is in fact the truth, how can I then turn around and say that the Bible is NOT truth in totality? 

Well, the Bible isn't truth in totality by any means. Here are some examples of what is wrong with some of the claims/teachings/rules that are found in the Bible.

This clip is excellent truth and satire.

Listen to to the so-called evidence Strobel cites from the Bible. It makes no goddamn sense. None at all. His 'proof' is found in Jesus claiming to be the Son of God (and remember that not just anybody can claim to be the Son of God) and in the emptiness of Jesus' tomb after Jesus had resurrected, I mean...a body SHOULD be in the tomb in which it was placed, right? But it was EMPTY. Plus, we have WITNESSES who were there at the tomb and who can prove this story; never mind that these witnesses have been dead about two thousand years and thus cannot be reached for comment in regards to Strobel's claim.

This guy does a pretty good job of conveying how Christianity/Bible-based faiths are founded on some of the most terrible things/situations. He talks about the recent television program called "The Bible" and breaks down the presented material from that show into a hilarious explanation of its errors.

This is absolutely outstanding in its assertion that Christianity has brainwashed youth.

Hell, no. There should not be prayer in ANY political setting. There is a lady in this clip who says that prayer should stay and that if people are bothered by it they should just shut their mouth for a few minutes out of respect for those who believe in and love God. Interesting. She does not seem to have any clue whatsoever that those who do not believe in God and who do not want to pray also have rights. You want to pray before a political meeting, fine. Meet somewhere with your pals beforehand and pray then; why don't you show respect for those who do not wish to be part of your delusion OR your apparent desire to have your faith affect matters of government.

Many people who are Christian are in fact stupid and delusional by virtue of believing their faith to be  THE truth no matter how much science can explain using logic, and no matter how Christianity and the Bible are completely devoid of what truth and proof are. And since when did the number of people believing the horseshit of the Bible lend any kind of credibility to the same? Christians are confusing mass delusion with ideals of strength in numbers. Epic fail.


Well, three cheers for spiritual superiority. I always found it interesting that many believers, when ridiculed for their persistent delusions, interpret the ridicule as a sure sign, a validating factor as to the truth of the Bible and as proof of the non-Christians' guilt of sin.

Jesus never existed. Never. Well, maybe he did in the foggy minds of Christians. When you go and try to explain this to a believer one of their most common responses is that Satan and all those who do not believe in the God of the Bible have conspired to remove the proof of Jesus from the pages of history.

This is excellent!

Hhhaaaha!!! Hahha! The absurdities of Bible stories and the persistence of people believing in them as actual truth takes stupid to an entirely new level.

Geeze. People WANT this bullshit taught in school. Yikes. Tell you what, if you want your children to believe this poppycock put them in a private school. Other than that, keep this crap out of the public school system. And to you Christians out there in salvation la-la land, stop freaking pretending that your faith is being outlawed or that you are being discriminated against or that your rights are being trampled. It is actually the other way around. 

Christians are the ones stomping on the rights of others. They are so used to being in control for so long that they have come to believe that smothering everyone around them with their rubbish really IS their right. Now, as this control begins slipping the only defense believers have is to claim their rights are being taken away.

Exactly! The only reason many non-believers give a damn about what believers believe is that such beliefs often affect the non-believers.

An all-knowing, all-powerful God would not need help to spread His message.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Crazy for Jesus

I have never read about or heard of anything in the Bible that identified Jesus as crazy, so why do many of His followers behave like this?

Ahh, religion. Is believing in God or any deity a problem? No, not in and of itself. Then why are there so many verbal and physical fights and scuffles between believers and non-believers, and even between believers and believers? 

Somewhere along the line many of those who make the choice to believe in an all-knowing deity mistakenly begin thinking that their way of living and thinking and worshiping is the ONLY way to do such. Then, in their grand delusion of spiritual superiority they begin to behave in ways that are really baffling, stupid, absurd, ridiculous, cruel, hateful, angry, crazy, incendiary, divisive, dishonest, and pretty much everything that you would guess that Jesus himself would more than likely be against. Let's take a peek, shall we?

What is this guy doing? Is he mixing some strange version of Pentecostal worship with some kind of weird alcoholism?  Is that it? Is he trying to be cute and engaging? What is it with the "Oing! Oing! Oing!" he keeps saying? Find a 'drinking buddy' and shoot up with Jesus? A floating preacher suspended for twelve hours? What? This is flat out f*cking stupid.

Oh DEAR Lord. What do people expect to achieve when behaving like this? Sure, this has got to be a skit (poorly executed I might say) but the basics of loony believers trying to evangelize the heathen masses is spot on. I will tell you now, in absolute truth and honesty, I know for sure that there were times that I sounded just like this. 

Back in the days when I still believed in God and Jesus and the Bible I know there were times I behaved just like this. I cannot begin to express my shame and sincere apologies for ever behaving like this toward anyone...ever. If you know me, Ester Lighthorse (or by my real name and not my pen name), as a family member or your friend or as a former friend or co-worker or whatever, and if I treated you in such an obtuse manner as I tried to shove whatever it was I thought was truth down your throat I would like to tell you that I am so sorry that I ever did such a thing to you. 

Yes, I was very young at the time. And while I did begin to think differently about what I was being taught about God and Jesus and religion when I was about 14 years old, I did not fully drop everything about the Bible and Christianity and faith and religion fully down the rubbish chute until considerably later. Still, I cannot rightfully use youth as an excuse because as true as I am sitting here now and typing this blog post I KNEW in the very depths of who I am as a person that what I was saying was wrong. It always felt WRONG, because to me it was immeasurably dishonest to take the handful of good messages in the Bible (like the strength and power of Love) and use those messages and the truth they offer as validation for lies and flat-out crazy shit.

Lovely. This is what many generations heavily burdened by the 'holy' bug insist on doing to future generations. How do you like what you see? And remember my position on this. I am NOT against religion as a choice for the individual. If you wish to believe, fine and power to you. What I AM against is ANY religion that attempts to smother people with out-of-this-world ridiculousness as to how people should and should not live. I am also against religion influencing politics on any level.

As I listened to this man rant and rave on how the people around him did not have faith two things came to mind. First, he says those around him have no faith. How does he know that they have no faith? Faith can be many things to the individual and the only viable answer I could come up with here was that this man meant that the people had no faith according to the preacher's interpretation and understanding of what faith is. Just a teeny bit biased, wouldn't you say?

The second thing that came to mind was the venomous rage with which this guy was preaching. Watch the film clip while viewing the video, and then play it again, except the second time close you eyes and listen to the inflection in this man's words. I found it to be very disturbing. I hope this is not an indicator of the direction that more and more people are claiming religion is moving in at an increasing rate, because if God is changing His message of love and salvation through Jesus to a message of hate, separation, prejudice, inequality, and justified cruelty...

This man's tidal wave of anger is a clear indicator that he does not know the first thing about what Jesus taught, or the ideals that Jesus is supposed to represent.

Here is a fine example of religious brainwashing. For the most part people maintain a certain conduct when interacting in social environments; there are things most people would do, and things most people wouldn't do. Then you have religion enter stage right. All of a sudden you have people absolutely ready and willing to do ANYTHING in the name of their God and His infallible truth.

Obviously the woman here could give a rat's ass and a good goddamn how absolutely foolishly she is behaving. Why? So long as the otherwise abnormal behavior is supposed to glean converts and add to the glory of God and His horrific plan for mankind, well...folks like this have special divine permission to do absolutely anything in the name of God. You know, I bet those idiot suicide bombers think the same damn way about Allah.

This is simply outstanding.

You know what? Maybe it isn't so much that Christianity has a vendetta against gays and lesbians so much as it is Christianity can feel the reigns of power and control slipping from its damnable grasp. Many Christians are SO desperate to remain in a position where they unfortunately believe and think that they are better (if only spiritually and eternally speaking) than all others, they will say and do ANYTHING. Many will have no trouble at all lying about the intent of those holding an opposing opinion. If Jesus were real do you think he would approve of this habit of lying? Gays and lesbians do not want to destroy marriage, no. Their intent is that they receive the same right and privilege to marry irrespective of their religious or gender preferences.

Wow. So much for Jesus loving the little children.

Haahaahaa!!!! Haahaah!!!! Holy cow this is great! What do you know? There are believers who are so crazy for Jesus that they will try to misinterpret history, or in some cases change it altogether. 

That's right. The bigger and more outlandish the claim, the crazier the individual making the claim is for Jesus. Look at the title of this video. Now look at the date it was posted. Jesus is coming soon? The freaking post is like two years old! Well, Jesus' interpretation of soon and the human interpretation of soon must be completely different.

Geeze, what the hell happened to the message of love and compassion supposedly offered by Jesus? And what is this shit about death being better than compromising? That's what the freaks who fly planes into buildings say. 

This is pathetic...and unfortunately very common.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Texe Marrs

One Fell Out of the Cuckoo's Nest

Ahh, Texe Marrs. This guy is one of the more entertaining religious conspiracy theorists, although the so-called information that he presents more often than not makes no goddamn sense whatsoever. I get the feeling that he does not fully investigate much of what he presents but rather investigates only until he finds the information or explanation that he wants. I bet he is one of those guys who, upon finding a lack of information as to whatever it is he is trying to claim, says, "See, they are trying to keep the truth from us." Whatever. On to the videos.

Oh LORD! Isn't this hilarious? The Pope doesn't have a plan for freaking global domination, geeze. The Pope hardly has the energy and physical capability to shuffle out onto his little patio to pray over the gathered masses. I think that Texe Marrs does whatever he can to make up as much crazy shit as possible. Maybe he is lonely and simply wants the attention?

Planet X? Have you lost your fucking mind? Texe Marrs, you are just another run-of-the-mill, wacko believer who is trying to make a buck by mixing religion and psychopathic babble.

People must have read his stuff not for content, but out of sheer, morbid curiosity. Here we have Mr. Marrs rambling some uber crazy shit about WWII and what REALLY happened at the close of that war. This guy has no shame as he does far more than simply twist a few facts.

Hhaahhaaa!!! A JEWISH led Illuminati? WHAT...THE...HELL?! Hah!!! Marrs, you need to work a little bit harder at coming up with decent stories. Really? The Jewish Illuminati? Are you high? That is just as stupid as the Amish Mafia.

You scared little puddy tats and your charges of witchcraft and sorcery. Please. You don't really think that Madonna gives a damn about anything you have to say, do you? Maybe you are just a little jealous of her success and notoriety? Could be. And while you sit there and denounce the evils of magic and witchcraft maybe someone ought to remind you of the magic and witchcraft in your very own Bible. You cannot have your cake and eat it too, assholes.

You are a psychopath, Marrs. Say, is the female voice in this recording that of Jack VamImp's wife...what is her name...uhmmm...sounds like a pharmacy name, or something. REXELLA!! That is her name. Is that her voice?

The cauldron of Abaddon? Sounds like the title to one of those scary movies you find in the big bins for a buck. The pharisees from the time of Jesus are alive today? Say WHAT?


Sure. Devils are everywhere and one of them has the name of Texe Marrs. Whatever. These people (folks like Marrs) live for fear. They need fear and they want fear, and they will take ANY snippet of information and twist it into some grand story that will supposedly back up their delusional religious and political claims.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

You Have GOT To Be Kidding

Christianity's Love Affair with Insanity

Lovely. This mother is teaching her child the finer art of manipulating facts, distorting the truth, and misrepresenting Creation as any kind of valid, logic-based, scientifically-based theory on how the universe and everything in it came to be. Making things worse, she says that this Nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values and the nation is going down the tubes because of the removal of prayer from schools. What do you say to something like this? How can you find a way to show parents who teach their kids like this that they are damaging the critical thinking skills of their children, that taking idiocy and presenting such as truth is NOT conducive to healthy development in many ways?

This is disturbing. These people are taking lies and misinterpretations and presenting such to these little children, little children who are trusting everything that they are hearing from their teachers.

I grew up under many of the very same limitations mentioned here in this video. It was very difficult growing up with these types of limitations and fears bombarding me every single day. I was often singled out by teachers when I went to public school because they were told I could not participate in certain holiday crafts due to religious beliefs. It was horribly demeaning to be the one little kid all by herself in the classroom while all of the other little kids were happily cutting out decorations to paste on a paper Christmas tree.

You're kidding me, right?

What the f*ck? This is so highly inappropriate I do not know where to begin.

This is disgusting and hateful rhetoric spewing from the mouth of a man who is supposed to be leading people to the love and grace of God. This is utterly abominable behavior. If you want to believe in God power to you, but you gotta be kidding me if you want to believe that God/Jesus would actually encourage this behavior or encourage the suggestion of putting gays and lesbians behind electrified fences.

Is this something Jesus would do or recommend doing?

A pastor did this to his son? His son? Oh dear God. Dear dear God. And to think these people who behave in such a hateful manner truly believe they are doing God's work/bidding/commands.

This woman and her entire family and congregation are seriously fucked in the head.

Another fine example of the stupidity of some Christians. President Obama is not the friggin' Anti-Christ, right? According to many interpretations the Anti-Christ is a person who brings about great peace and prosperity and cooperation between the nations of the world, a veritable miracle worker. If Obama WAS the Anti-Christ he would have great, if unusual, accomplishment and success in his policies, programs and the like. He does not, though, does he?